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1 a North American river; rises in southwestern Canada and flows southward across Washington to form the border between Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific; known for its salmon runs in the spring [syn: Columbia River]
2 a town in west central Tennessee
3 capital and largest city in South Carolina; located in central South Carolina [syn: capital of South Carolina]
4 a university town in central Missouri
5 a university in New York City [syn: Columbia University]

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From Christopher Columbus, European discoverer of the Americas.


Proper noun

  1. America; the United States; an appellation given in honor of Columbus, the discoverer.
  2. The female personification of the USA.
  3. Shortened form of Columbia University.
  4. The space shuttle Columbia.
  5. The capital and largest city of South Carolina.
  6. A city in Missouri


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Columbia (name) was the first popular and poetic name for the United States, and has in turn inspired the names of many other things.
Columbia may also refer to:


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  • Columbia, another name for the 2-4-2 classification of steam locomotives
  • Columbian (B&O), a former passenger train between Jersey City, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois
  • Columbian (passenger train), a former Milwaukee Road train between Chicago and Tacoma


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